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    Completed VCE today! Smashed my goals can’t believe it

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everything personal


    everything personal

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relatable gifs and quotes
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    You will burn and you will burn out; you will be healed and come back again.
    — Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov (via petrichour)

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    What I have with you, I don’t want with anyone else.
    — Unknown  (via fuckinq)

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    if your teenage years are meant for experimenting with relationships i’m fucked

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    Don’t allow your wounds to turn you into a person you are not.
    — Paulo Coelho  (via deserted-streets)

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    All my life, my heart has sought a thing I cannot name.

    Remembered line from a long-
    forgotten poem

    — Hunter S. Thompson, Hell’s Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga (via the-humanstain)

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